About self hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions?

Asked: About self hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions?

Im a student,. and am really intereste in self hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions, i also have a book collection of self hypnosis books describing post hypnotic suggestion.
Now, i'd like to try post hypnotic suggestion by myself. I'd like to give myself a post hypnotic suggestion, with a trigger.

Are there any hypnosis experts here?. i want you to tell me if this post hypnotic suggestion can work.
I'd like to have the ability be friends with people and get along with people very well. This is the ability that i want. My trigger will be "looking into the eyes of my friends."
my post hypnotic suggestion will be,"When i look into the eyes of my friends, i will be able to
get along with them very well."

Can this suggestion actually work?. Would this trigger actually give trigger me to act as the ability i wish to have??

i'd like precised answers. not round about ones.


Any relationship or social interaction between two people concerns and depends upon the action / reaction of two people ;-)

It could, but it won't as you'd have to "hypnotise" the other person as well.You could just reaffirm your confidence, smile a lot and be friendly and it will have the same result, unless the other person doesn't want to get along with you in which case it won't! Hypnosis is in fact not particularly reliable.

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